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Looking For a Hair Salon and Spa? Click Here

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A hair salon and spa is a great traditional way of taking care of your hair, one of the most personal parts of your body. Your hair can say a lot about you. Haircuts may not seem all that important but in fact, they are in many ways unparalleled symbols of self-expression. Taking care of your hair’s health is a typical part of your daily routine, yet for certain things such as haircuts and perms that you can’t do yourself, going to a hair salon and spa is the smart, and fun, thing to do.

We all have (or had) hair but how much do we actually know about it? Here are a few facts. Did you know that human hair grows at an average rate of one centim

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The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana

Medical marijuana prescription

While heated debates and controversy has surrounded the increased popularity and legalization of medical grade marijuana, many people do not realize the people have taken advantage of the benefits of marijuana for thousands of years. Many ancient cultures marijuana as medicine was used in times of sickness, with various marijuana strains being used for religious ceremonies and sacred rites. In fact, marijuana is considered on of the 50 fundamental herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Today, people are can still enjoy the benefits of medicinal marijuana. As the healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry continue to understand and discover — though relucta

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Five Ways To Reduce Your Arthritis Pain

Joint pain treatment

When it comes to chronic pain, arthritis pain is arguably one of the most well-known and infamous conditions. Caused by wear and tear to your joints over many years, arthritis joint pain can have a significant impact on your daily life. Fortunately, there are a number of pain relief products, helpful tips, and more that can make living with this medical problem much easier. Read on to learn how you can decrease your arthritis pain!

Try Some Basic Exercises
Gentle stretching and other simple additions to your daily routine can often help reduce your pain. When you find yourself sitting still for long periods of time, adjust your position regularly, take a break to stand and walk around every half hour, and make sure

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