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3 Shocking Causes of Lower Back Pain (You Won’t Believe #2)

Back pain reno

It used to be widely assumed that causes of lower back pain were limited to rigorous labor, poor posture, or old age. In 2015, there is a whole new bevy of culprits causing people to grab their backs and wince in excruciating pain.

A recent report indicates that a whopping 1.5 billion people affected by lower back pain worldwide, so you are not alone. Experts estimate that about 80% of all people will suffer from some type of back pain at some point in their life.

As technology has changed the way people live their lives, new causes of lower back pain have been reported. It’s important to know why you’re having back pain so a surgeon or physical therapist can properly diagno

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Are You Reaching Potential Chiropractic Clients? Diversify Your Approach for Better Results

Chiropractic consulting

Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars to treat chronic back conditions alone, and an increasing number of them are turning to chiropractors. There are over 40,000 chiropractors employed throughout the United States, but many of these practitioners are self-employed.

They work alone or in small groups, and for the sake of their businesses, they need to be able to attract and retain patients. Marketing can be difficult with potential clients who tend to have much more interest in social media than in traditional methods of outreach (health fairs, brochures, television commercials).

To be licensed, chiropractors typically complete a four-year program after college. They obtain their D.C. degree (Doctor of Chiropractic) and then are licensed by the state in which they practice. Th

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Home Remedies for Your Child’s Cold

Walk in clinic bothell

There is nothing worse than watching your child fight off illness. Seeing their pain and discomfort is heart-wrenching. On top of that, illness interupts sleep, scheduled activities and leads to missed work and school. While illness is par for the course when you have babies, knowing how to treat it makes the experience better for everyone. With cold and flu season upon us, here are a few tips to get through the worst of it.

While a chronic cough might be worrisome for parents, often times a cough is just the result of mucus draining from the sinuses down the throat. In most cases, a cough will clear up on it’s own as the mucus dissipates. Here are a few tips treating your child’s cough:

  • Honey. Studies show that natural honey has medicina

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