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Ditch the Hairy Back and Bring Sexy Back With Laser Hair Removal

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For many men and women, excess hair growth can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable body feature to contend with on a day-to-day basis. As standing, there are many at home, DIY solutions for body hair, such as shaving, hair removal creams, and waxing. However, all of these options are largely impermanent and render discomforting unwanted side effects such as rashes, ingrown hairs, irritation. Luckily, there are more permanent solutions on the market today, namely, laser hair removal.
The laser hair removal industry is growing rapidly; in 2009 the industry saw over $2 million dollars in profits. And for good reason–laser hair treatments are an effective and safe way to reduce hair growth perm

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Skin Care Tips Using Household Items

Natural skin tag removal

With so many products and campaigns promising to take care of your skin, sometimes it pays to simplify. You don’t have to be an expert in dermatology to find the best skin care regimens for you. Here are some awesome tricks for protecting your skin.

Zap your zits with tea - Well, tea bags. After a pimple bursts, press a warm tea bag to it to soothe the inflammation and stop the bleeding. Warm tea bags also work well to draw sub-surface acne to a head. Less squeezing = fewer acne scars.

New shoes? No problem - Say goodbye to painful blisters from breaking in new shoes. Just rub a little deodorant on the parts of your foot that get rubbed the wrong way,

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Cut Your Hand? Consider Going to an Urgent Care Unit

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Walk in medical clinics provide an appealing alternative to the emergency room (ER) for when you need to seek immediate medical attention. It is always recommended to go to the ER for life-threatening injuries, but for everything else urgent care centers provide virtually the same services for considerably less than what you would pay in an ER. Nearly 95% of walk in health clinics have at least one physician on staff, and with 9,000 or so urgent care clinics in the country, going to the

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