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How Can a Free Pregnancy Help Center Bring You Peace of Mind?

Ways to prevent teen pregnancy

If you are pregnant (or think you could be), you are one of the 4% of American women who are also expecting. By now, you’re likely feeling some confusion if your pregnancy was unexpected. As many as half of all women will experience an unexpected pregnancy in their lifetimes, so you’re not alone. In fact, free pregnancy help is available at the many different centers for pregnant girls and women all across the nation.

So what kinds of free pregnancy help can you expect from adult and teen pregnancy centers in your community? Here are just a few of the basic services that you can take advantage of:

Free Pregnancy Tests

If you aren’t yet sure whether or not you’re pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test for free at a Read more ...

Notice Decreased Strength, Poor Sleep, or Increased Body Fat? Consider Getting Tested For Low Testosterone

Lack of focus st. louis

Low testosterone, a medical condition that affects up to 13 million Americans, is one of the most overlooked illnesses in the United States today. Despite the dangers of testosterone deficiency or “low T,” up to 90% of those affected do not seek treatment. If not treated, low T can cause a myriad of issues: increased body fat, decreased strength, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, lowered libido, anxiety, and depression. Some doctors believe that low T can even reduce life expectancy.

There are a number of proposed reasons for testosterone deficiency: lack of exercise, genetic factors, endocrine d

Read more ...

How to Resolve Infertility Issues

In vitro fertilization

For many couples, the idea of starting a family together is extremely exciting and is an important part of their relationship. Unfortunately, however, many couples struggle with conception issues. Finding infertility solutions can not only be a medical benefit, but it can give a couple the joy of knowing that their dream of having a child together can become a reality.

If you are trying to get pregnant and are concerned that you aren’t physically able to conceive, try to give it some time. Doctors actually recommend that women under age 35 should try to get pregnant for one year before contacting a healthcare professional. If you’re above the age of 35, Read more ...

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