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Archive for April 15th, 2013

The Best Facilities Offering Diabetes Treatment And More

Headache treatment

Individuals all around the world suffer from different ailments that can be improved upon with the right treatment. Anyone that has been diagnosed with diabetes will eventually need to monitor their sugar levels and such during diabetes treatment. In order to maintain or improve your quality of life with any condition, it is important that you find the leading facility that offers whatever particular treatment you need. Aside from diabetes treatment, there are so many other conditions that warrant professional monitoring. One of the most common problems people can associate with is back pain. To help relieve some of the pain, visiting one of the most experienced Virginia Beach chiropractors is recommended. A chiropractic Virginia Beach doctor knows just how to work the kinks and knots out of your back to deliver soothing back pain treatment.

No matter what kind of condition you are dealing with, there are experts out there that will help you deal with it. Locating a leading facility for diabetes treatment will give you confidence that they have all the technology and knowledge needed to keep your spirits high. Those that are looking for this particular treatment or another are encouraged to visit the internet for researching purposes. Here you can find the top facilities that have the most helpful functional medicine to treat whatever it is you are dealing with. Find the best neck pain treatment or locate a professional chiropractor in Virginia Beach by using the internet for helpful information.

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Carolina Compounding Pharmacy and Health Center in Cary NC


Carolina Compounding Pharmacy and Health Center

254 Town Village Drive

Cary, NC 27513



Local Business Picture

Carolina Compounding Pharmacy and Health Center, a full-service compounding pharmacy based in Cary, NC. We compound only with a prescription from a valid prescriber. We service human and animal patients all over the greater Triangle area. We welcome you to explore our website. Feel free to call us with any questions you have about the art of compounding drugs and our services.
The Art of Compounding – Why Compound?

Drugs for certain conditions aren’t made by manufacturers. But even if a drug is mass-produced for a medical condition, patients might need a custom-made version for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes a patient cannot use the standard version of a drug because of an allergy to one of its ingredients. If that ingredient is “inactive,” meaning it has no therapeutic role, we might make a similar drug without that ingredient.

In some cases, the right dosage strength is not readily available for a patient. A child, for example, would usually need a smaller dosage than an adult. Commercial products are often not available in child-sized portions.

Commercially available drug products often need to be transformed into a different form for children and the elderly. People in these age groups can have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules. We can make the drug in a powder, liquid, lozenge, suppository, or other delivery form.

Children and pets may refuse to swallow a medicine if it tastes bad. We can add flavorings to medicines to make them more palatable.

Compounding pharmacies work closely with physicians and healthcare providers of all kinds and continue to play a vital role in patient compliance with drug regimens.

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