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Archive for April, 2014

Chemical Peels VS Plastic Surgery What You Need to Know

Coolsculpting san antonio

With an estimated $11 billion dollars spent on cosmetic surgery procedures in 2012 across the US, there are much less invasive and affordable options. In addition to massages and beauty treatments, quicker procedures available through a medical day spa include microdermabrasion and chemical peels. But what is chemical peel, exactly?

Determining what is chemical peel helps you understand its effectiveness and benefits to both skin appearance and health. Performed in intervals over the course of two to four weeks, the chemical peel procedure requires an application of hydroxy or retinoic acid to remove dead or dying skin. In doing so, the procedure smooths damaged, scarred, wrinkled and dry skin.

Chemical peeling removes the top layer of skin exposing the younger underlaying layer, essentially givi

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If You Are Planning A Party For You and Your Friends, Consider a Botox Party


Many people want to stay young forever. While you can’t stay young forever, keeping a young looking face and body into older age is a possibility. With the help of certain procedures, you can get that young hollywood look even into your later years. These procedures such as a chemical peel, juvederm, and laser hair removal will turn back the clock. While these procedures are available at any cosmetic surgeon, some can be done on a non-invasive, outpatient basis. One of these procedures is botox injection.

Because botox can be done as an outpatient procedure, it lends itself well to a botox party. A botox party is exactly what it sounds like. It is similar to a tupperware party or a book club, but instead of boring books or l

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The Benefits of Visiting Urgent Care

Urgent care encinitas

Did you know that approximately three million Americans visit walk in doctors at urgent care facilities each week? Urgent care is one of the fastest-growing segments of the American healthcare industry because it offers immediate treatment for non-life-threatening conditions. There are several benefits of visiting urgent medical care facilities, as they have become a helpful way to receive medical treatment.

1. Short wait times. Urgent care patients typically experience short wait times. In fact, 57% of patients wait only 15 minutes or less to be seen, and 80% of all visits are completed in 60 minutes or less. This means that patients can visit walk in doctors and receive the treatme

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Exercise Not Enough? Ask a Nutritionist These Questions to Get That Weight Loss Boost

Boca raton personal trainer

Did you know that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, an astounding 34.9% of American adults are obese? Thanks to our sugar laden diets and sedentary lifestyle, we are on a crash course to life-threatening health problems, like diabetes and cancer.

For many, it’s finally time to say enough is enough. People are starting to get off the couch, switch off Netflix, and start to work their bodies more. Running, lifting, walking: it’s all becoming more popular in the United States. However, as you may know, exercise isn’t always enough for weight loss. Your nutrition is also an integral part of your personal fitness plan.

Of course, especially if you’ve been living a life of Twinkies and Xbox, knowing where to start with your nutrition can be tough. Read more ...

Should You Rethink Your Skincare Routine?

Collagen creams

More than half of Americans believe in medical conspiracy theories, NPR reports. At least 20% think smartphones cause cancer, and another 20% suspect that the government asks us to vaccinate young children, knowing it will cause autism. These statistics make it perfectly clear. There is a lot of misinformation about health out there, and skincare is no exception.

Thousands of glossy magazines and websites will tell you exactly how to view your body and care for your skin. Unfortunately, a lot of this advice is based on exaggerations, myths, and partial truths. How can you pick skincare fact apart from fiction?

Fact: You Can Naturally Restore Skin’s Elasticity

Slight imperfections, including wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin, are inevitable. “Wri

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