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Archive for November 30th, 2015

Three Little-Known Advantages to Choosing Urgent Care Over the Emergency Room

Shoreline urgent care

If you need medical care fast, an urgent care facility may be your best option. You’ve heard that urgent care centers are an alternative to the emergency room, but there are several little-known advantages to choosing urgent care over the ER. It is best to asses the severity of your injury before you choose urgent care over the ER, but do your research. An urgent care facility can handle your injury or illness quickly and efficiently with little to no wait time. Did you know that urgent care facilities are equipped to treat many of the non-life threatening injuries and ailments that emergency rooms handle? If you are considering an urgent care facility, here are three benefits to choosing urgent care over your primary care physician or the emergency room.

  1. Open Late/Exended Hours.

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Health Insurance What You Should Expect From An Employer

Benefits administration system

As you enter the workforce as a small business employee, it?s important for you to know what exactly you should expect to receive in terms of benefits. Once hired, you?ll likely receive a rather confusing informational packet detailing what you do and don?t receive; but you?ll only begin to understand what to expect after a good talk with a human resources representative. An HR rep ensures that employee benefits are properly managed and disbursed, but it?s still up to you to decide whether or not the benefits you?re being given are fair. For many, full time o part time employee benefits make or break whether or not they take a job.

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