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Archive for January 7th, 2016

Why Now is the Time to Arm Yourself With EMF Protection Jewelry if You Haven’t Already

Room shield

Life simply isn’t as simple as it used to be, which is extremely ironic considering the sheer number and variety of accessories, apps, appliances, devices, gadgets, and gizmos that were designed to help make everyday life easier and simpler. Funny isn’t it? But in today’s modern time, everyday life seems to pass at lightening speed, with more and more people more connected to their mobile devices than each other.

Technology it seems has become a double edged sword, a catch 22, and that awkward space that’s found between a rock and a hard place. While humans depend and rely on technology — probably far too much for their own good — to stay connected and get by in their everyday lives, exposure to and use of these things has had detrimental effects to the mental, physical, psychological, emotional and even s

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