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Archive for January 14th, 2016

How Close Are You to an Urgent Care Clinic?

Ask the doctors

It can be difficult to be away from home. If you are a college freshman with the busy schedule of biology, chemistry, calculus, and an 18 hour a week practice schedule for the gymnastics team, it can be especially difficult. Add in an unexpected cold that turns into a sore throat that makes it difficult to even talk, and the situation can be almost scary.
Now have that freshman wake up the Sunday morning before her first college gymnastics meet with swollen glands on her neck, making it to difficult to even swallow. This is when panic can set in if you are far from home. So much panic, in fact, that the freshman calls home wondering what to do. Because they are 12 hours away, the parents have only one suggestion. Hang up the phone and get to an after hours urgent care clinic and cross your fingers that yo

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