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Archive for January, 2016

Finding Good Health Care Without Going to the Emergency Room

Primary care physician search

If you have ever been to the emergency room, you know how scary and uncomfortable an experience that can be. The waiting time is long and getting longer all of the time. The waiting time was about 47 minutes in 2003 but it went up to more than 58 minutes by 2009. When people are admitted to the hospital, many are forced to wait in hallways until an inpatient bed became available. This happened for 78% of people who were admitted from emergency departments in 2009. People who need testing can also seek out free STD testing centers, after hours clinics or try to find a family physician.

Ways to Avoid Needing to Go to the Emergency Room

  1. See a primary care physician regularly to stay healthy. When you see Read more ...

How Can I Protect Myself and My Family Against EMF Radiation?

Emf protection shield

The statistics are alarming. Researchers have seen a 30% increase in the number of patients with a brain tumor of an unknown nature since the year 2008. Mysteriously, this significant increase is not included in the numbers the National Cancer Registry reports.
Scientists from 40 countries request regulation
As a result of this study and other alarming statistics, more that 190 scientists from as many as 40 countries asked the United Nations (UN) the World Health Organization (WHO) to address a problem that few are admitting exists. In May of 2015 these nearly 200 scientists asked for these two governing bodies to demand greater protection for radiation caused by microwaves, radio frequencies produced by wireless technology, and other sources.
Not yet satisfied with the response

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Take care of your GUT and it will take care of YOU

Natural cure for headache

Your health and longevity may have a direct link to the health of your gut. A healthy digestive tract plays a vital role in keeping your health on track. It is the gatekeeper to your nutritional well-being because all nutrients are absorbed through the digestive system. Healthy digestion may be the answer to more energy and healing of the body.

Between 2009 and 2010, there were 51 million visits to doctors and hospitals because of illnesses of the digestive system. In 2009, digestive diseases caused the death of over 245,900 persons. Now, health conscious millennials and baby boomers are taking charge of their digestive health through better diet practices for a healthier life and to stay healthy.

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How is the Air Quality in Your Home?

Mold inspection georgia

Some cities are famous for their terrible air quality. But it is the air that is inside our homes and places of work that we need to worry about. Among the top five environmental dangers the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is indoor air pollution. Some say our indoor air quality is usually two to five times more polluted than the air we breathe outside. You might be wondering how this happened, and what you can do to fix it.

What the American Lung Association Wants You to Know About Indoor Air Quality Facts.

On their website www.lung.org, the American Lung Association says that poor indoor air quality can help cause and aggravate lung infections and diseases, such as asthma and lung cancer. Lead paint on the walls, asbestos, bacteria, and mold are all contributors to bad

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The 5 Most Common Types Of Sports Injuries, And How To Treat Them

Orthopedic surgeon

Injuries are common for athletes, and they range from mild to serious. Here are the five most common types of sports injuries, and what kind of sports medicine you will need to treat each of them:

1. Sprains

A sprain occurs when a ligament — tissue that connects a bone to another bone — stretches too far or tears. Sprains are most common in the wrists, knees, or ankles. About 60% of all foot or ankle injuries in people over 17 are ankle sprains or strains.

Treatment varies for sprains. If the sprain is not serious, you might just need to rest the ankle using the RICE regimen. If it is a more serious injury, you might need to have a doctor immobilize or splint your ankle. In rare cases, surgery is necessary.

2. Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are extre

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