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  • How Close Are You to an Urgent Care Clinic?

    It can be difficult to be away from home. If you are a college freshman with the busy schedule of biology, chemistry, calculus, and an 18 hour a week practice schedule for the gymnastics team, it can be especially difficult. Add in an unexpected cold that turns into a sore throat that makes it difficult […]

  • Three Little-Known Advantages to Choosing Urgent Care Over the Emergency Room

    If you need medical care fast, an urgent care facility may be your best option. You’ve heard that urgent care centers are an alternative to the emergency room, but there are several little-known advantages to choosing urgent care over the ER. It is best to asses the severity of your injury before you choose urgent […]

  • Three Ways to Help Ease Knee Pain

    Physical therapy exercises have become a fairly common method of treating a variety of conditions, ranging from the aftermath of a stroke to vertigo. However, one of the most common applications is physical therapy for knee pain, and for good reason: while this problem may seem innocuous, knee pain from arthritis is reportedly the single […]