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  • Symptoms, Treatment, And Removal of Uterine Fibroids

    Did you know that up to 50% of all women suffer from uterine fibroids that it is the leading cause of hysterectomy in the United States? With this illness being so common, it is not surprising that many women want to have more information on the symptoms, treatment, and removal of uterine fibroids. Below are […]

  • Three Reasons to Get a Second Opinion When Told to Get a Hysterectomy

    One of the most common uterine fibroid treatments is the hysterectomy, which is a problem for more than a few reasons. If your doctor suggests you undergo this uterine fibroid surgery, you should probably get a second opinion and consider other uterine fibroids treatment options. Here are a few reasons why. It’s an Extreme Option. […]

  • How Do You Know If You Have Fibroids?

    The weird thing about uterine fibroids is that many women can have them, and yet never know they do. You see, more times than not, these tumors are asymptomatic, which means that most women who have them will never experience any of the signs and symptoms of fibroids. Howe then can a women know if […]