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Archive for November, 2012

Medicare Catheter Coverage Has Made Life Simpler for Consumers

Urinary catheter

Medicare catheter coverage has changed pretty drastically in recent years. This has worked out well for health care consumers, particularly because the monthly allowance for catheters has increased. The changes have made people purchase more catheters each month under coverage, adding to cleanliness and ease of use.

With the new Medicare catheter coverage, life is cleaner for health care customers. People who need frequent catheters used to have to boil them after each use, adding moments to the day and causing confusion and frustration. But now that they are covered for about 200 catheters per month, they have a clean catheter every time.

With the changes to Medicare catheter coverage, customers now have an easier time of changing out their catheters too. They save valuable time by opening a new package each time a catheter is needed instead of cleaning it. And they ensure cleanliness, which helps ward off infections.

Finding A Plastic Surgeon Maryland Has Available

Cosmetic surgeon baltimore

Plastic surgery is an important element of making sure that you have an appearance that you take great pride in. With a knowledgeable plastic surgeon Maryland residents will be able to get the appearance that they need to excel in their dealings. Look for a plastic surgeon Maryland has that can help you by using the web.

Going online will make it easy for you to find a plastic surgeon maryland can count on. Even those that are unfamiliar with plastic surgery will be able to find one that understands how to help them look their best. No matter what specific style of surgery you are looking for, a skilled surgeon will help you get a more attractive appearance. Find the best surgeon that you can so that you can have a physical appearance that you are very confident in to help you with your personal and professional dealings.

Learn More About TMS For Depression

Tms for depression

TMS was recently approved by the FDA to treat major depressive disorder, specifically for patients who have treatment resistant depression. Although numerous antidepressants and other treatments are available, many patients suffer multiple depressive episodes that are not well controlled with existing treatments. Approximately 1/3 of patients treated with conventional antidepressants fail to achieve remission and show signs of treatment resistant depression. Many patients suffer from side effects to commonly used antidepressants, such as nausea, weight gain, insomnia, sedation, emotional blunting and sexual dysfunction.

Neurostar TMS for depression therapy is a non-invasive, non-systemic procedure that has been extensively studied for the treatment of depression. TMS for depression was approved by the USFDA in 2008 for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in adults who have treatment resistant depression. TMS for depression involves placing a coil on the scalp that generates a magnetic field to stimulate targeted neurons, which can help to alleviate symptoms. Neurostar TMS for depression is a safe and effective outpatient procedure performed in a physician’s office with each treatment lasting about 40 minutes daily for 4 to 6 weeks. Neurostar TMS for depression addresses the unmet needs in psychiatry for a more effective treatment.

The treatment coil is applied gently to the head above the left prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is involved with mood regulation, and therefore is the location where the magnetic fields are focused. These magnetic fields do not directly affect the whole brain; they only reach about 2-3 centimeters into the brain directly beneath the treatment coil. As these magnetic fields move into the brain, they produce very small electrical currents. These electrical currents activate cells within the brain which are thought to release neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine to treat depression.

NeuroStar TMS for depression therapy was evaluated for efficacy and safety in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in patients who have treatment resistant depression. The research shows that approximately 1 in 2 patients treated with TMS for depression experienced significant improvement in their symptoms of depression. In addition approximately 1 in 3 patients experience complete relief from symptoms.

TMS for depression therapy does not cause side effects such as weight gain, sedation, or sexual dysfunction like many antidepressants. Also, TMS for depression has no memory impairment which is a common side effect of Electroconvulsive Therapy. Find out more today about treating treatment resistant depression with safer methods such as TMS.

Breast Augmentation Tampa Has To Offer

Breast implants in clearwater

If you are interested in breast augmentation tampa has several clinics that can meet your needs. You will need to research one of these clinics before you visit them. You will want to make sure that you can trust your surgeon. Trusting your surgeon when it comes to breast augmentation Tampa has to offer is very important for clients, especially if you are new to this type of care.

The reasons for breast augmentation tampa residents have are different for each client. If you know someone that has had breast augmentation done in the area, speak with that person and learn more about where they went for their operation. You may hear a horror story about a breast augmentation gone wrong, or you may hear about a clinic that provided excellent care leading up to the surgery as well as excellent care afterwards.

Look Into Adjustable Beds for a Better Back

Adjustable bed

Do you feel an intense strain on your neck or back? If so, first contact a chiropractor. Then look into adjustable beds.

Today’s adjustable beds are about more than lifting the head or the feet slightly. They are electrically enabled, meaning with the touch of a remote the head of the bed can be raised and the feet can be lowered. Plus, many adjustable beds today have built in systems where consumers can adjust the actual firmness of the bed. So someone who likes to sleep on hard surfaces can pick the appropriate settings, and so can someone who prefers to feel like they are sleeping on a cloud. Beyond that, many beds with adjustable features also have features that allow for massages. Press a button and instantly get massaged from head to toe before bed each night. Between the bed and the chiropractor, your back issues should be solved.

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