Medicare Catheter Coverage Has Made Life Simpler for Consumers

Urinary catheter

Medicare catheter coverage has changed pretty drastically in recent years. This has worked out well for health care consumers, particularly because the monthly allowance for catheters has increased. The changes have made people purchase more catheters each month under coverage, adding to cleanliness and ease of use.

With the new Medicare catheter coverage, life is cleaner for health care customers. People who need frequent catheters used to have to boil them after each use, adding moments to the day and causing confusion and frustration. But now that they are covered for about 200 catheters per month, they have a clean catheter every time.

With the changes to Medicare catheter coverage, customers now have an easier time of changing out their catheters too. They save valuable time by opening a new package each time a catheter is needed instead of cleaning it. And they ensure cleanliness, which helps ward off infections.


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