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Archive for November 18th, 2015

Raid of Urgent Care Clinic Uncovers Oxycodone Scheme

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Oxycodone is one of the strongest, and commonly abused, prescription pain killers on the market today. It’s because of those factors combined with the potential harmful side-effects that make it one of the most regulated schedule II controlled substances in the United States, which leads to people taking serious chances getting it out to the streets where real money can be made.

The federal government uncovered the latest Oxy scheme earlier this month at a small urgent care clinic in Riverhead, NY. Michael Troyan, a physician’s assistant at the East Main Street urgent care center, was found to be selling Oxycodone from fake prescriptions he was writing, according to federal prosecutors and reported by the Riverhead news source Riverheadlocal.com.

?Troyan abused his authority to pre

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