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Archive for November, 2015

Treating Your Addiction With Suboxone What Does It Mean?

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Addiction is a difficult issue to confront, not only physically but emotionally as well. This is due in part to the fact that the symptoms cannot simply be treated one way or the other, often requiring both therapy and lifestyle changes as well as medications. This is made all the worse by the fact that addiction to drugs and alcohol is often treated as a shameful secret. Let?s be more open about addiction, and how it can be treated like the sickness it is ? through things like rapid detox centers, suboxone treatment centers, and many other methods.

Drug Addiction In America: The Facts

Drug addiction is a bigger problem in the United States than many might think.

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Three Simple Yoga Poses That Will Comfort Your Achy Back

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About 50% of working Americans live with constant back pain. People who have desk jobs sit in chairs all day, and then go home and sit on the couch some more. All the sitting causes the hamstring muscles in the inner thigh and the illiopsoas muscles that line the lower spine and pelvic area to shorten, making the lower back feel tight and achy.

Even people who have great fitness regimens often experience lower back pain. If physical activity is performed without properly warming the muscles, the the impact of the exercise will strain and injure the delicate lower back.

If you have suffered a back injury, it is imperative to be treated in general orthopedics, or even by an orthopedic surgeon to prevent further damage. However, if you’re experiencing nagging lower back aches as a result o

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Raid of Urgent Care Clinic Uncovers Oxycodone Scheme

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Oxycodone is one of the strongest, and commonly abused, prescription pain killers on the market today. It’s because of those factors combined with the potential harmful side-effects that make it one of the most regulated schedule II controlled substances in the United States, which leads to people taking serious chances getting it out to the streets where real money can be made.

The federal government uncovered the latest Oxy scheme earlier this month at a small urgent care clinic in Riverhead, NY. Michael Troyan, a physician’s assistant at the East Main Street urgent care center, was found to be selling Oxycodone from fake prescriptions he was writing, according to federal prosecutors and reported by the Riverhead news source Riverheadlocal.com.

?Troyan abused his authority to pre

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Don’t Let It Happen to Your Loved Ones!

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Canada recently elected new PM Justin Trudeau. Already, the new PM has issued a statement about mental health in Canada. The Trudeau government intends to make mental health a Canadian government priority. Think about this though: would you trust government bureaucracy with your mental health?

Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Canada

Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians experience addiction problems? What about the fact that Canadians drink 50% more than the rest of the world on average? These facts might be surprising, but many of us Canadians know someone who was been affected by substance abuse, seeing is how 47,000 Canadians die every year due to substance abuse

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Are You At Risk of Having a Heart Attack?

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She should have known better. She had two of the major indicators of a future heart problem. High blood pressure and high cholesterol. Instead of following the suggestions of her doctor and getting more exercise and eating a more healthy diet, she simply relied on the daily medications to control her cholesterol and blood pressure. Unfortunately, a near heart attack situation forced her to finally visit a cardiology office and get the grim diagnosis. In addition to being one of the 90% of women who have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease, she was now in an even higher risk category. The heart specialist told her that she had to make some serious life changes to avoid moving to the next stage of

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