Treating Your Addiction With Suboxone What Does It Mean?

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Addiction is a difficult issue to confront, not only physically but emotionally as well. This is due in part to the fact that the symptoms cannot simply be treated one way or the other, often requiring both therapy and lifestyle changes as well as medications. This is made all the worse by the fact that addiction to drugs and alcohol is often treated as a shameful secret. Let?s be more open about addiction, and how it can be treated like the sickness it is ? through things like rapid detox centers, suboxone treatment centers, and many other methods.

Drug Addiction In America: The Facts

Drug addiction is a bigger problem in the United States than many might think. Each day, over 5,000 visits to the emergency room are attributed to drug abuse. Drug addiction can stem from disorders like depression; environmental factors; or simply poor choices, that nonetheless should not destroy a person?s life. But the fact is that it?s a serious issue that should be addressed in as strict and effective a way as possible. Addiction, of course, is not confined to synthetic or organic drugs. In fact, over 10% of American children have at least one parent suffering from alcohol addiction, and one in 20 college students meet the criteria for an Alcohol Use Disorder. So how do we treat these problems? Many are turning to rehab detox centers, and more specifically suboxone addiction treatment.

What Is Suboxone Treatment?

All together, suboxone is made up of two medications combined in each dose. The most important of these medications is buprenorphine, known as a ?partial opioid agonist? and the secondary medication is naloxone, a ?opioid antagonist? or blocker. Suboxone can cause a pleasurable sensation in patients, but otherwise makes them feel normal or energized. Essentially, the medication tricks the mind into thinking that the drug ? usually an opioid in the case of suboxone treatment ? has been ingested, thus downplaying the symptoms of withdrawal. Prior to going through any kind of suboxone treatment, however, detox is advised ? as is the case for any rehab treatment.

What Is The Cost Of Suboxone Treatment?

The cost of suboxone treatment varies, particularly depending on one?s health insurance, level of addiction, and projected dosage. Those without health insurance can expect the cost of suboxone treatment to be about $500 per month, plus the cost of doctor?s visits. However, your health insurance may very well cover suboxone treatments. In some cases, you should ask your doctor about whether or not suboxone can be covered under the parameters of your insurance policy. You would be surprised by how many different options are available to you.

The first step of beating addiction is committing to a plan. Whether the right treatment for your problem is suboxone treatment or not, you need to know that conquering your addiction will change your life for the better ? not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.

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