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Archive for December 18th, 2015

A Parents Guide To Understanding the Difference Between Adenoiditis and Adenoid Hypertrophy?

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Most Americans are familiar with the procedure known as a tonsillectomy, at least by name. But far less people are familiar with the terms adenoiditis and adenoid hypertrophy, which can cause many common ear, nose, and throat problems for children and teens.

What’s Adenoiditis?

The adenoid is a mass of lymphatic tissue in between the sinus passages and the throat, just above the uvula. Like tonsillitis, adenoiditis occurs when the adenoids become swollen or enlarged, most commonly because of infections. If these infections occur frequently, then doctors may decide to remove the tissue in a procedure known as the adenoidectomy. This surgery is often performed during a tonsillectomy, as the tissues are located closely together.

What’s the Difference Between Adenoiditis and Adenoid H

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