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Archive for December 24th, 2015

Is FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Right For You?

Los angeles hair transplant

The saying, “long hair don’t care” has been around for sometime now. In fact, this catch phrase became so popular that it inspired several different spin-off versions, such as no hair don’t care, short hair don’t care, natural hair don’t care, curly hair don’t care, and so on and so forth. If it has to do with hair, it don’t care. But the funny thing is, people actually do care about their hair. After all, hair is kind of a big deal.

Hair has been a critical part of cultures all across the globe since the dawn of mankind. As with today, one’s hairstyle in ancient and primitive times denoted their status or rank among others, their health, their age, and was even used as a form of self expression. Hair was also an excellent indicator of how fertile a potential mate was. A healthy partn

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