Is FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Right For You?

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The saying, “long hair don’t care” has been around for sometime now. In fact, this catch phrase became so popular that it inspired several different spin-off versions, such as no hair don’t care, short hair don’t care, natural hair don’t care, curly hair don’t care, and so on and so forth. If it has to do with hair, it don’t care. But the funny thing is, people actually do care about their hair. After all, hair is kind of a big deal.

Hair has been a critical part of cultures all across the globe since the dawn of mankind. As with today, one’s hairstyle in ancient and primitive times denoted their status or rank among others, their health, their age, and was even used as a form of self expression. Hair was also an excellent indicator of how fertile a potential mate was. A healthy partner would have hair that’s rich in color, soft, strong, and with body and natural luster.

In many indigenous and ancient African civilizations, hair was considered a sacred part of the human body as it was closest to the sky or God. In ancient Egypt, royals entrusted the care of their natural hair and wigs — many of which were made from the hair of conquered peoples — to a single person for their entire lifetime, and this person was considered a spiritual guide of sorts.

Long story short, hair has always been important.

And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t knock yourself if you start losing your own natural hair. Sure, hair loss is a natural process that can happen to just about anyone for a variety of different reasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to deal with it if it happens to you! And you definitely shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. So instead of hiding under a baseball cap or a comb over — hint hint Donald Trump — why not actually do something about it?

Get the hair and confidence you’ve always wanted by going to see a certified and professional hair loss specialist. Hair loss specialist perform a variety of hair restoration services at their hair clinics. These services include but aren’t limited to hair transplant surgery and FUE hair transplants.

Wait, so what are FUE hair transplants>

FUE hair transplants stands for follicular unit extraction and involves grafting individual follicular units. The surgery itself can take anywhere from six to eight hours but produces a natural and realistic appearance. Talk with your hair loss specialist to determine if this method is right for you.

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