How You Can Get A Doctor Diagnosis From Your Living Room Couch

Online medical diagnosis

According to the American Medical Association, as many as 70 percent of all doctor visits are for information only or are matters that can easily be handled over the phone.

With the digital world we live in, the idea of receiving an online diagnosis and prescription is not that far of a cry from using a telephone. In fact, an increasing number of physicians are digitizing the their consultations and communication with their patients in a whole new way … providing drug prescriptions, and other health services via email or telephone.

This idea of an online doctor consultation or getting an online doctor prescription is loosely referred to as “telemedicine”, and is an idea that has been steadily gaining traction among physicians in the past few years. Telemedicine focuses on the curative aspect of medicine, helping patients to diagnose their ailments without ever having to leave their home.

There are several benefits to online diagnosis and prescription. First and foremost, the idea of telemedicine is an instant improvement in the way that patients access information, lowering healthcare and travel costs, and enhances the retention of healthcare providers and rural and remote areas. Another incredibly beneficial aspect to shifting to the use of an online physician or virtual doctor is job creation. Online diagnosis and prescription opens infinite doors to job possibilities for physicians world wide.

While telemedicine is still a relatively new concept, it does appear to be gaining some serious traction and support from physicians and patients alike.

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