“Car lift Virginia” Wheeling Toward Independence

Car lift virginia

Today, stair lifts are also called chair lifts and stair gliders. This concept dates as far back as King Henry VIII, who was pulled in a chair by servants on a block and tackle system upon suffering a jousting injury. But contemporary stair lifts have an array of features like adjustable seat height, battery control switches, emergency response call buttons, “flip up” rails, key switch, folding steps, speed controllers and seat belts. My aunt, Virginia and I have been on a journey through every mobility aid imaginable. It has been amazing to see technology improve over time…I’ve seen a stair lift Virginia, a car lift Virginia, and a wheelchair lift virginia over the past twenty years.

In this day and age, options to help the disabled become more independent abound. With the rapid evolution of technology, choices have become vast and easier to access. I have found, in my search to aid my aunt, that there is no shortage of products available and that safety is always the number one concern. The car lift Virginia uses today has several safety belts and rails for wheelchair stair lifts can be installed in walls along with step fixings for extra insurance.

A few years back, we looked at this car lift Virginia kept saying she wanted. I was astounded. The car lift was voice controlled! All I had to do was say, “car lift Virginia” and the ramp did as I commanded and Virginia was lifted in her wheelchair up into the SUV. This is a big step up from the wheelchair ramp virginia used to have. It was important that we purchased this car lift virginia pointed out, because she has been longing to work again and, under the ADA law, this is possible since companies cannot discriminate against her for her disability. All she needs is a means to mobility and a job she can do within her means and she can begin to live more independently again. I can’t help but smile every time i watch her wheel up to the SUV and say with pride, “car lift Virginia.”

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