Clear Skin Does Make a Difference

Dermatology skin conditions

When we were young, chances are that our teachers taught us that looks do not matter, and it is what is on the inside that counts. In the professional world, there are even anti discrimination laws to protect people who fell outside what many people consider the physical ideal. But, honestly, how effective are such laws?

Despite what we are taught as children, looks do matter. It is not something that magically happens once we complete our schooling and enter the “real world,” because looks have always mattered. Since we first came into contact with peers, whether or not we were aware of it, we chose many of our friends based upon appearance. Likewise, we were selected, and possibly rejected, by others because of the way we looked; and we still are.

Unfortunately, the same thing happens in the workplace where employers freely discriminate based upon looks every day. In fact, a New York University study found that the average height of American CEOs is three inches taller than the national average for males. In what seems like a radically different story, but is not, Harrah’s Entertainment was once sued after it fired a bartender for not wearing the required make up. Although the employee eventually won the suit, in most cases, it is virtually impossible to prove employer discrimination based on appearance.

Understandably, employment plays a significant role when it comes to determining if one invests in laser hair removal, brown spot removal, or other dermatology procedures. As it is, people with dermatology skin conditions are already overly self conscious about their “abnormal” hirsuteness, acne, or sun spots; so can you imagine how much a preoccupation with such things could adversely affect their performance during a job interview?

While most employees would prefer to achieve their professional goals based upon their abilities and work ethic, this is clearly not always the case. For this reason, it is understandable that so many people decide that paying for dermatological procedures or paying hair removal costs is well worth it, especially if it improves their chances of attaining their goals.

Seeking professional treatment for dermatology skin conditions may even be worth it simply for the fact that it is an effective way to increase confidence. While it never hurt anyone to look their best, it remains true that a little confidence can go a long way!

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