Thinking About Spa Treatments? Here are Five Facts You Should Know

Spa facial treatment

Are you thinking about plastic surgery benefits, botox procedures, or even sclerotherapy treatments? Here are a few of the most important facts that you need to know before you make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon.

1. One of the aspects of VASER liposuction that makes it different from traditional liposuction is that ultrasonic waves break up and separate fat cells for removal while leaving vital tissues unharmed. This is quite an improvement over the procedures of the past.

2. Fat transfer can provide natural breast augmentation without the use of silicon or other artificial fillers.

3. Fat transfers, which are a newer innovation in the world of cosmetic surgery, uses the fat deposits of a patient to augment other parts of the body. Many claim that they look and feel more natural than fillers or implants.

4. Those who most often benefit from fat grafting are people who desire augmentation or filling of volume deficient areas.

5. Liposuction slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits though it is not a substitute for healthy eating and exercise.

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