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Healthcare packaging

Perhaps a book should not be judged by its cover. However, no book is any good if its cover allows a dog to shred its contents, rain to run its ink, or even scribbles to mar its pages. This same rule applies to medical devices and the packaging that secures them. While a book cover may not be expected to protect against small forces of nature, like Rex the teething pit bull, medical packaging should. The top medical equipment needs top quality healthcare packaging.

Depending on the medical equipment being packaged there are numerous medical packaging design options to choose from. However, most of these options come as a combination of two elements. These common elements are clamshell blister packaging and die cut paper. As with many other industries, customization is often the key to success. However, in order to properly take advantage of customization, a potential buyer must know their options. Knowing a bit about medical packaging design can help a medical equipment manufacturer choose the right packaging for the job.

In the medical supplies industry the number one concern for packaging is that it be sterile packaging. When looking for a packaging manufacturer, paying attention to what guarantees are provided for product sterility will immediately tell whether or not this manufacturer is capable of packaging medical equipment properly.

Clamshell blister packaging is one of the most commonly sought medical packaging designs. The basic clamshell design is a two sided container sealed through the middle with an adhesive and heat. Typically made of plastic, in the case of medical packaging, the clam shell has the ability to fit a number of different shapes. When combined with blister side packaging the clam shel is give a lower profile. The most commonly used example of blister packaging is seen with pills. The thin metal that secured pills in a plastic shell is the blister half of the package. This method of packaging can be cut to fit most any medical instrument or supply.

Die cut cards are another staple of medical packaging and can eliminate the need for bulkier, more costly packaging. These precision-cut cards can be used to provide crucial product information within the packaging. These cards are often used to complement sealing pills in peel pouches to ensure one time use safety. Due to the popularity of die cut cards, they can be easily ordered in most any quantity, and to fit virtually any medical packaging design, big or small.

Medical packaging suppliers should be able to offer packaging that meets the necessities of medical equipment design. To this end, contacting medical packaging suppliers with a list of specifications can be the best bet in securing the best package for a job.

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