How Do You Get Thyroid Disease?

Tsh level

Among all the many diseases that affect people all round the globe, thyroid disease is not given much press. However, around 200 million people suffer from thyroid disease worldwide. Additionally, the American Thyroid Association contends that around 60% of Americans who are inflicted with thyroid disease do not even know it.

One of the more common thyroid diseases is known as hyperthyroidism. As the prefix “hyper” suggests, hyperthyroidism is a medical condition that results from an overactive thyroid. Not to be confused with hypothryoidism, hyperthyroidism “supercharges” the thyroid, and usually manifests itself in sufferers by causing irritability, sleeping problems, rapid weight loss, and anxiety.

The good news is hyperthyroidism is treatable and responds well to prescription medication. People who don’t know about hyperthyroidism are likely to ask “How do you get thyroid disease?” Well, the most common causes of thyroid disease are Graves disease, infection of the thyroid, postpartum thyroiditis, struma ovarii, toxic thyroid adoma, toxic multinodular goitre, and more.

Although hypothyroidism symptoms vary, the number of thyroid disorders makes it necessary for one to visit a thyroid doctor to make a determination. Basically, if one suspects that he or she is experiencing symptoms of thyroid disease, get to a doctor asap. Once a physician diagnoses the specific type of disease, then they can come up with a thyroid solution.

While we don’t hear as much about thyroid diseases as we should, the fact remains that it is a serious illness. However, if you wonder “How do you get thyroid disease” and then are unlucky enough to be stricken with it, there is hope. The bottom line is that early treatment is key. Visit here for more information.

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