Maximize Your H20!

Alkaline water ionizers

Many of us are worried about the quality of our drinking water. You never know exactly what is coming out of your tap. Although one area of concern when it comes to tap water is pollution, another important issue that should be paid some attention is the pH balance of tap water. The perfect pH balance for experiencing alkaline water benefits is 8.4, according to “Fit for Life.” However, in the 2012 edition of “Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology,” there was a discussion of research findings that suggest drinking ionized water with a pH level of 8.8 is an effective treatment for acid reflux because at this pH level, pepsin and stomach acid are both neutralized. There is also evidence that swallowing many medications along with alkaline water can aid the body in properly absorbing the medication.

There are only two methods of controlling the pH of your drinking water. The first method is to purchase pH booster drops that, when added to tap water, act as alkaline water ionizers. The second method of controlling the pH of your drinking water is to purchase one of the water ionizers that are currently on the market. There are several such water ionizers for sale right now at various price points. Many people who have purchased water ionizers report feeling healthier and more at peace. As well, people who regularly use water ionizers report being sick less often than people who do not. One theory as to the reason for this discrepancy is that because human beings have an easier time absorbing pH balanced water than tap water, water ionizers facilitate improved cell hydration. This is a net positive for every bodily organ, but especially for the human immune system.

Water ionizers have been used by the food industry for a number of years as a means of sanitizing food products and neutralizing harmful bacteria. Water ionizers are at least as effective as other, more invasive methods of destroying food borne illness. Thus, for health conscious individuals, investing in water ionizers for your home makes a whole lot of sense.

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