Three Reasons Why Women Choose to Get Breast Implants

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Approximately 75% of women believe that their breast augmentation surgery was “worth it.” But what, exactly, makes the surgery worth it? After all, having breast implants comes at the average cost of $6,500, and even though it’s a minor surgery, it’s still a surgery. If you are considering getting the surgery, or are just curious about the reasons to get breast implants, here are the scenarios that make the surgery worth it for some women.

Find Balance

Tara Reid’s famous celebrity breast augmentation
was reportedly done to even out her breasts. Reid felt that they were of noticeably different sizes, and although it took a few tries to get them just right, she felt better for having the surgery. It’s true that not all women’s breasts develop symmetrically, and the discrepancies in size can make some women feel deformed. For them, breast surgery is simply a way to find balance, and reduce their self-consciousness around the issue.

Regain Sex Appeal

One of the most popular reasons to get breast implants is to improve the sex life. Many women, after pregnancy and birth, find that the many changes that their bodies went through left them feeling unattractive. For women who suffer with breasts that have appeared to “deflate” after pregnancy, a breast augmentation can make them feel desirable again.

Boost Self Confidence

Whether it’s to recover from a mastectomy, or to overcome micromastia (a condition where breasts never develop), many women find that they can regain confidence with breast augmentation. In 2011, about 96,000 women had reconstructive breast surgery following a mastectomy.

Whatever your reasons to get breast implants are, make sure to choose a board certified breast augmentation surgeon. The skills and experience that a surgeon has can have a great impact on your satisfaction with a surgery, from the selection of implant size, to the procedure itself, and the end-results. It’s important to note that in most cases, breast augmentation is an elective surgery, and therefore insurance won’t cover the procedure.

Breast implant surgery is worthwhile for many women, and some of the big reasons include regaining self confidence, sex appeal, and banishing self-consciousness. Whatever your reasons are for considering this surgery, a surgeon will help you to determine if moving forward will get you the results you expect, so that you too can be satisfied with your choice. More research here.

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