What I Need to Know About Obesity

How does obesity cause high blood pressure

Obesity is a growing problem in the United States. Since 1980 rates of obesity have tripled. As obesity leads to a host of other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and an increased likelihood of cancer, medical weight loss center professionals are urging the American public to face this issue head on. Here are some important things to know about obesity.

Who Can Become Obese?

Anyone can become obese. It is currently estimated that 154.7 million Americans over the age of 20 are considered overweight or obese. Of that, 74.8 million women are obese which can lead to a wide variety of cancer including breast, colon, and uterine cancer. Due to the great risk that obesity poses for women, medical weight loss centers may be the best option for how to lose weight healthy and fast.

What Other Health Problems Can Obesity Cause?

Aside from an increased likelihood of cancer and heart disease in certain obese individuals, weight and diabetes and obesity and high blood pressure are often linked. Obesity can increase the chances of developing both ailments. For individuals experiencing symptoms of weight gain and fatigue, contacting a professional at a medical weight loss center can be a smart first step at preventing further problems from arising.

What Are My Options if I am Obese?

Medical weight loss centers can provide many options and weight loss research for those wishing to combat their obesity. Professionals can provide patients with nutritional advice for weight loss, weight loss programs, and tips. Depending on the individuals unique needs and profile, a nutritional weight loss plan can be developed and implemented. Medical weight loss centers are possibly the best options for individuals who would like to pursue the safest and most efficient methods for losing weight. Find out more here.

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