Three Ways Your Face Can Benefit From Laser Resurfacing

Medical weight loss

Medical weight loss treatments. Natural bioidentical hormones. The Vampire Facelift procedure.

In today’s age of continual anti-aging innovation, you never have to be unsatisfied with the way you look when you look in a mirror. These three appearance-boosting options have been clinically shown to do wonders when it comes to giving people a second chance at youth — or at least at a youthful appearance. But there’s another, scientist-studied and approved treatment procedure making the rounds and helping scores of older folks with crows feet and smile lines and baggy eyes reclaim their rightful glowing visages.

It’s called laser face resurfacing
and it’s taking the cosmetic surgery world by storm. Because of its unique approach to fighting aging, laser resurfacing has grown in popularity since its inception in the late 20th century. There are two different ways a surgeon may go about the process — with CO2 lasers and with erbium lasers — and both are effective measures. Still not convinced? Here’s what laser face resurfacing can do for you.

Ridding your face of lines and marks caused by age.

Perhaps the most popular function of laser face resurfacing treatments is to, in a sense, rejuvenate the skin in ways that other wrinkle-reducing techniques like Botox injections can’t. While Botox works to stretch the skin, eliminating wrinkles and lines in the process, laser resurfacing uses highly concentrated laser lights to effectively (yet gently) burn off the outer layers of the skin, shedding age lines in the process.

Clearing up acne scars and other marks.

You don’t have to be in your 40s or 50s to enjoy the benefits of laser resurfacing. In fact, anyone who suffers the stigma or general unpleasantness of lingering acne scars, warts, liver spots, sun-damaged skin or marks left by chickenpox or other dermatological diseases can see their face become clear once again. Like we mentioned earlier, the laser will help remove the affected layers of skin, prepping the growth of newer, healthier skin underneath.

Losing your overactive or enlarged oil glands.

Sometimes, oily skin is something that simply can’t be fought with traditional measures like facial cleansers and even prescription dermal treatments. Some people who suffer from excessively oily skin have enlarged oil glands on their nose to blame, but that’s a quick fix with a facial laser treatment.

Of course, you should always check with your doctor before you get involved with any sort of cosmetic skin treatment, especially when it comes to laser resurfacing. For more information, talk to a local cosmetic surgeon in your area. More like this.