Are Tattoos The Solution To Your Hair Loss?

Best hair restoration for men

Celebrities are turning heads with a new — and completely bizarre — fashion trend. Stars from all different walks of life, including stars like Kelly Osbourne and Jamie Foxx, are getting tattoos in an unlikely place, namely on their scalps. Scalp pigmentation, however, is becoming increasingly common, and for some practical purposes. What are hair tattoos, and what should men know before getting one?

More Men Throwing Out Hair Thickening Sprays

For years, sprays and treatments in a can were men’s best options for hair loss restoration or hair loss solutions. Today, things are very different. Male exotic dancer Benedict Garrett, 33, became very self-conscious when he began losing his hair. The professional dancer, however, underwent new treatments literally tattooing more hair follicles onto the top of his head. “After the treatment I put a few photos on social networks and got a few compliments but my close friends and family barely notice which is actually a bit of a relief. It shows it looks more natural. I have to point it out to them because it’s fairly subtle,” Garrett tells The Daily Mail.

Are Hair Tattoos and Scalp Pigmentation Safe?

First and foremost, keep in mind that it is the age of Photoshop. Go to clinics in person and ask to see results — also in person. Doctoring photos is more than possible, but seeing the treatment up close and persona is a pretty safe bet. Moreover, as to whether it’s safe, the procedure is comparable to regular tattoos or permanent makeup, according to ABC News. The cleanliness of needles should be your main concern, so make certain clinics follow proper sanitation guidelines.

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