The Newest and Best Solution for Hair Loss

Hair loss

Hair loss, as far as we know, has probably always been a problem facing the male population located… well, pretty much everywhere. Hair loss is just something that’s in your genes, and since no one has figured out (yet) how to change a human’s genes, no one has found any reliable and cost-effective hair loss solutions. Even those creams and weird infomercial sprays that claim to be “completely effective” usually aren’t approved by the FDA for hair loss restoration. But a new service is starting to become pretty popular, and it might just turn out to be the best hair loss treatment available (until we figure out a way to change those genes, of course). What is it, you ask?

Scalp pigmentation. In other words: a tattoo on your head that functions as a hair simulation, and before you start saying “Whaaat? No way.” — hear us out. Scalp pigmentation has been research and developed for years, but until now, it hasn’t been getting much press. Why? Because men want to find a product that will magically reverse the effects of hair loss, and they’e convinced that there has to be at least one “restoration and reversal” cream that will do the trick. But it won’t. (See again, our inability to change genes.)

Scalp pigmentation, on the other hand, doesn’t make any false claims about being able to make your original hair grow back. It does offer a lasting solution, though, and it’s more affordable (and less painful) than hair transplants, and it looks totally natural. We aren’t talking huge swirly tattoos on your head here, we’re talking hundreds of tiny little simulations that look just like natural hair stubble. The process is significantly less invasive than other hair loss treatments (i.e., transplants) and instantly provides the look of real hair.

Will it make your head suddenly start growing long, flowing locks of hair? No — but neither will all of those other products. The difference with scalp pigmentation is that you know what you’re getting, you know it will last, and you know that it will look natural.

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