Three Important Reasons to Visit Your Local Urgent Care Center

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Did you know that Americans visit the emergency room 110 million times per year? However, the CDC reports that nearly half of these patients are not actually sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. Fortunately, that is why urgent care has become available. There are several reasons to visit urgent care facilities, as they have become practical alternatives to the ER for non-life-threatening conditions.

Short Wait Times

Urgent care centers operate on a walk in basis, meaning patients typically experience short wait times. In fact, 57% of patients wait no more than 15 minutes to be seen, and 80% of all visits are completed in under 60 minutes. This means that when you visit an emergency walk in clinic, you will quickly get the care you need.

Variety of Medical Services

Urgent care facilities are able to treat several types of minor conditions. Concussions, fractures, sprains, lacerations, burns, and respiratory illnesses, for example, can all be treated at a community health clinic. In addition, many urgent care facilities are anonymous STD testing centers, meaning you can get the comprehensive care you need at a public health clinic.

Low Cost

Urgent care offers treatment at a relatively low cost. For instance, a typical emergency room visit will cost about $1,500, while the average trip to urgent care will only cost roughly $150. Since money is tight in today’s economy, emergency walk in clinics help make healthcare more affordable.

Since their creation in the 1970s, urgent care centers have become realistic alternatives to the ER for minor health conditions. This is not only because urgent care facilities offer a variety of medical services at a relatively low price, but also because urgent care patients experience short wait times, as well. As a result, visiting an emergency walk in clinic is a great way to get the immediate medical care you need. For more, read this link:

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