Three Celebrity Skin Care Treatments

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When it comes to the best skin care treatments in the field of dermatology, it will likely come as no surprise that celebrities typically have access to some of the best options the industry has to offer. From strange facials to highly effective procedures, there seem to be no end to the treatments wealth and prestige can buy. Fortunately, the high level of research on various skin conditions means there is likely a great acne treatment product or anti-aging procedure that will work for a patient regardless of their budget. Read on to learn about some of the weird skin care treatments celebrities are reportedly using to perfect their skin and see if it inspires you to seek out the best dermatologist in your area to help your complexion!

Injections for Acne
Celebrities have been known to visit dermatologist clinics for a speedy cure for their acne that likely isn’t for everyone: an injection of cortisone, trichloracetic acid (TCA), and other medication, which may be followed up with a treatment of Intense Pulsed Light. While this option is great for those who are fast approaching curtain call, most people will likely benefit from laser acne treatment or various products to gradually improve the condition of the skin as a whole.

Full-Body Facials
When we think of skin problems, we are likely to think of conditions affecting our faces. However, with careers that often require them to display a significant amount of skin, celebrities can’t afford to leave any inch of their body untreated. For this reason, facials often aren’t used simply on the face: these procedures often begin with a full-body microdermabrasion and continues with laser treatments, chemical peels, serums and other products. This practice likely sounds appealing to people with severe body acne or those who have noticed the signs of aging on their hands and other places. Accordingly, the best dermatologists will be able to recommend and perform treatments for conditions all over the body.

Botox and It’s Alternatives
Everyone is familiar with one of the most infamous side-effects of Botox: the frozen, expressionless face. In fact, we might be most familiar with this problem from seeing it happen to a number of famous actresses and stars as they age. However, despite the prevalence of this issue, Botox is an extremely effective way of smoothing away lines and wrinkles, and the dreaded freeze can typically be avoided with proper dosing. Because of this, celebrity dermatologists will typically use smaller, focused injections in multiple areas to help their clients retain full motion while retaining a youthful look. Others, however, prefer electric facials, ultrasonic wave treatments, and other procedures which may be less effective but present less of a risk.

Most people won’t ever have the time or the money to invest in a full-body facial or try out a variety of anti-aging procedures. However, the best dermatologists in every area should be able to offer an option for their patients that meets their budget and helps improve the condition of their skin. Visit a local dermatologist today to discuss the change you want to see in your skin. For more, read this link.

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