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A hair salon and spa is a great traditional way of taking care of your hair, one of the most personal parts of your body. Your hair can say a lot about you. Haircuts may not seem all that important but in fact, they are in many ways unparalleled symbols of self-expression. Taking care of your hair’s health is a typical part of your daily routine, yet for certain things such as haircuts and perms that you can’t do yourself, going to a hair salon and spa is the smart, and fun, thing to do.

We all have (or had) hair but how much do we actually know about it? Here are a few facts. Did you know that human hair grows at an average rate of one centimeter a month? Not only that but the average person loses 50-100 hair strands everyday! To maintain a healthy head of hair, it is important to consistently wash and brush it. However, you should be careful when handling your hair. Too much brushing can lead to damaged cuticles and split ends, which in turn can cause your hair to become dry and coarse. For those of you between 15 and 30, you are in luck! People between those ages tend to have the fastest growth. When you turn 34, though, you’d better watch out, because that is the average age your hair begins to turn grey. When this happens, a hair salon and spa can help you dye your hair!

To find a hair salon and spa near you, try an online search engine like Google or Yahoo!. A hair salon and spa not only offer services like cutting, dyeing, or perms, it also often provides products like shampoo and hair gel. The staff will know just what to do for all your hairy needs. So whether you’re there for a quick trim or the works, a hair salon and spa will not disappoint!

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