3 Reasons to Enroll in a Medical Weight Loss Program

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Two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. If you’re among them, losing weight can be a tough goal. But it can also be one of the healthiest and most rewarding choices you’ll ever make. What’s the best way to lose weight? There are so many diets, exercise plans, pills and supplements on the market that it can be overwhelming — and indeed, many people bounce from weight loss system to weight loss system hoping that one will finally stick. If you’re serious about losing weight, these aren’t the best routes to take. Here are three reasons why the best options are medical weight loss programs run by physicians:

  1. Evidence-Based Treatment

    The bottom line is that out of all the many, many weight loss treatments that you see advertised in stores, TV commercials and magazine ads, very few have science on their side. Some are merely ineffective, while others may be downright harmful. Your best option is working with a doctor, someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the human body and the many reasons that people struggle to lose weight, so you can develop an individualized weight loss plan that will actually work.

  2. Safe Weight Loss

    Even though losing weight is a healthy change for most people, rapid weight loss is still a major bodily change that can trigger a wide variety of responses. With medically supervised weight loss, you’ll work with doctors to ensure that you’re not depriving your body of anything it needs to functional healthily, and you’ll have someone there in case your body reacts in unexpected ways and you need to adjust your weight loss strategies.

  3. Additional Treatments

    By using a medical weight loss program, you may also gain access to additional treatments designed to get your body where you want it to be; sometimes weight loss alone doesn’t create the ideal appearance. You might also consider Zerona body sculpting, for example, which uses a laser to reduce the circumference of certain body areas (waist, hips, etc.) without pain or downtime. If you’re working hard to get healthier by losing weight, you deserve to look your best.

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