Eye Conditions Lurking For More than 30 Million Americans

Common eye disorders

Does it terrify you to know that only half of the estimated 61 million Americans who are at high risk for extreme vision loss have seen their eye doctor in the last year? You could be one of those 30.5 million who so sorely need to go see their optometrist. There are all kinds of eye sickness and disorders of the eye to keep an eye out for – literally.

First, a cataracts. This is one of the more common eye disorders. A cataract is when the lens of your eye becomes clouded and experiences a loss of vision. Another of the common diseases of the eye is color blindness. Nearly one in 12 men experiences color blindness. Finally glaucoma is a common eye issue – particularly in the African American community. For this reason, it is suggested that African Americans receive an eye exam every two years.

The good news is that many eye malfunctions have solutions. LASIK, for exmaple, is an eye surgery that many individuals undergo. The success rate for LASIK is around 90% and best of all, LASIK is permanent! LASIK takes around three minutes per eye and many patients drive themselves home from a the LASIK surgery! This treatment is available to anyone after 18, so there is no need to continue to pay for traditional vision correction once you turn 18, if your eye condition is treatable via LASIK.

There are many diseases of eye
, so that are treatable and some that change our lives forever. The best way to handle eye care is to utilize preventative visits and stay on top of your visual health! Eye sickness is, for many people, completely avoidable with the right amount of mindfulness.
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