Four Interesting Host or Hostess Gifts

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Holiday parties are a great excuse to spend time with friends and take a break from all of the shopping, wrapping, and planning that normally fills up the season. Unfortunately, with all of the rushing around you are probably doing, it can be difficult to take a moment out to find a unique, useful item to bring as your host or hostess gift. While bottles of wine are usually a safe choice, this can begin to feel like a tired choice after some time, especially when you realize that the rest of the party brought the same thing. To delight your friends and family, try thinking outside of the box: with everything from interesting vases to exotic spices for sale this holiday season, there are plenty of options to choose from. Before your next holiday party, consider showing up with one of these interesting host or hostess gifts.

A Game Set
Help get the party started by showing up with a classic game, such as dominoes. Try to think of games you and your host may have played in the past, avoiding those you think they may already have (poker aficionados, for example, likely already have a set up of their own). Look for sets that are well-designed, interesting and colorful to add some holiday cheer.

A Bread Warmer
If everyone else brings a bottle of wine, showing up with one of these terracotta plate and a loaf of focaccia will undoubtedly go over well. Your host can tuck this into a basket of rolls to keep them soft and warm.

Gift Spices
Few people ever think to give spices as gifts, but different herbs and spices are a simple way to change up any dish. Your favorite home chef will likely be especially interested if you give them more unusual spices as gifts, such as fennel pollen, fennel seeds, or dill spices. Give this gift with some new recipes, simple cooking tools, and other items for a gift that isn’t fussy and is sure to appeal to the recipient.

A Cutting Board
This may seem fairly basic, but there are plenty of fun and interesting options that can help this gift stand out: different designs, colors, shapes, even some that help you measure out ingredients. Moreover, because people use cutting boards almost every time they cook, these tools can get worn and dull. Give your host something more interesting to use at the next party!

Whether you bring a bread warmer or spices as gifts for your host or hostess, there are plenty of items available that will make a great gift at your next holiday party. The season is too short to waste it worrying about what to bring as your host or hostess gift: try out of the ideas above!

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