The Top 10 E Cig Liquid Flavors of 2014

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If you’re a smoker or know someone who is, you are probably concerned about the negative health effects of smoking. One alternative to smoking is the recent trend of electronic cigarettes, also known as “e cigs,” that have recently popped up in stores all over the country. The e cig was actually invented over 50 years ago, but it didn’t make an appearance in mainstream culture until the early 2000s. The number of e cig users is expected to increase by 400% in the next few years as smokers choose this new trend over the traditional cigarette.

One of the most commonly cited advantages of using e cigs is the user’s ability to personalize the device. There are over 250 brands of e cigs and these mini units are available in various colors and models to suit anyone’s unique style. E cig juice provides the vapor and comes in almost any flavor a person can imagine. Before purchasing e liquid, the user should be familiar with how to refill e cigarettes. When the time comes to choose from numerous vapor liquids, here’s a list of the top flavors.

    1. Black cherry
    Four of the top 10 e cig liquid flavors are based on fruits, and this is because their juicy, thirst quenching taste is universally loved by e cig users. Black cherry packs a punch of flavor while staying true to the tangy sweet taste of the real fruit.

    2. Watermelon
    This has been a popular flavor for candies and treats for years, and it’s no surprise that watermelon is a close second for best e liquid flavor of the year.

    3. Chocolate
    The smooth, rich flavor of chocolate e liquids will surprise any user because high quality e liquid captures many qualities of the real thing.

    4. Peach
    This fruity flavor is a favorite for many e cig users. Combinations like peach vanilla or mango peach smoothie are popular.

    5. Cinnamon swirl
    It’s a classic twist on the go-to holiday spice, and this flavor adds a mix of smooth, bakery undertones to balance the sharp flavor of cinnamon.

    6. Cupcake
    Baked goods are popular flavors, and this is one of two that made the top list. Cupcake can be personalized with choices like red velvet cake or cupcake with chocolate frosting.

    7. French vanilla
    This is a great flavor to mix with others on the list — consider vanilla peach or cinnamon vanilla.

    8. Oatmeal cookie
    A modern twist on a favorite baked good, this option is popular with users who love the smell and taste of cookies.

    9. Mocha latte
    Another chocolate-based flavor, this combines the smoothness of coffee with creamy chocolate flavors.

    10. Strawberry menthol
    Menthol-based flavors are becoming increasingly popular, and menthol can be added to most fruit flavors to add a unique twist.

Former smokers who use e cigs report feeling healthier overall than when they were smoking tobacco cigarettes, and they also report financial savings because most e cigs are reusable. Do you use e cigs? Can you offer any tips on how to refill e cigarettes? If you have anything to say about this article, about e cigs in general, or can help anyone who is struggling with how to refill e cigarettes, leave a comment below.

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