You Won’t Believe What the Ideal Time to Undergo Orthodontic Treatment Is

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It’s generally understood that most people get braces during childhood or adolescence. In fact, studies have shown that the average age at which people seek treatment for tooth misalignment or overcrowding is 10 years old, and approximately 80% of American teens are currently undergoing some type of orthodontic treatment.

But what if you don’t fall into this age group? Believe it or not, there might actually be an orthodontics option available for you no matter what your age. With adult orthodontics becoming more discreet than ever before, the best time to seek out orthodontic treatment could be right now.

Need to know more about when the right time is for orthodontic treatment? Read these answers to the questions you’re probably asking.

How early can a person see an orthodontist for braces?

Generally, the earliest age for a child to seek out orthodontic treatment is around seven years old, which is the time by which the child’s permanent teeth should have come in fully. A pediatric dentist can tell you whether or not your child will need orthodontic treatment. Generally, it’s best to have your child undergo orthodontic treatment as soon as possible, as waiting to treat the problem could worsen it.

If I’m an adult, is it too late for me to get teeth braces?

No! In fact, orthodontics for adults are more widely-available and popular than ever before. From invisible braces, which are completely undetectable, to lingual orthodontics, which are braces located on the inward-facing side of the teeth, today’s adults have plenty of alternatives to the unsightly, potentially embarrassing traditional metal braces we all know.

Seeking out adult orthodontics at any age will offer a number of health benefits, including lessened risk of gum disease and tooth decay and improved speech — not to mention a straighter set of teeth will make your smile more beautiful and make you more confident in yourself.

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