How Can a Free Pregnancy Help Center Bring You Peace of Mind?

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If you are pregnant (or think you could be), you are one of the 4% of American women who are also expecting. By now, you’re likely feeling some confusion if your pregnancy was unexpected. As many as half of all women will experience an unexpected pregnancy in their lifetimes, so you’re not alone. In fact, free pregnancy help is available at the many different centers for pregnant girls and women all across the nation.

So what kinds of free pregnancy help can you expect from adult and teen pregnancy centers in your community? Here are just a few of the basic services that you can take advantage of:

Free Pregnancy Tests

If you aren’t yet sure whether or not you’re pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test for free at a pregnancy help center. In most cases, these tests are just like the ones you’ll find in the drug store; however, other means of testing may also be available. In addition to pregnancy tests, some centers will also have other procedures for patients, like ultrasounds.

Free Information on Pregnancy

It may be a while since your last health class, so you may be unsure of exactly how a pregnancy works. At a free pregnancy help center, you can find out about potential health issues you may encounter, such as the likelihood of a miscarriage. Miscarriage, which is the loss of a pregnancy, generally occurs in the first half of a pregnancy. However, after six to eight weeks, once there is a heartbeat present, the risk of a miscarriage goes down to about 5%.

Free Counseling

Even women who may be prepared for a pregnancy could feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having a child. Whether you’re looking for some guidance or just need someone to talk to about your situation, counseling services are available a pregnancy help centers. If you are unsure how to tell a partner or parent that you are pregnant, you can also receive advice pertaining to this tricky issue.

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