Your Guide to Finding Great Tennis and Squash Courts in Your Area

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These days more and more people are choosing to play tennis, squash, and other racquet sports. It’s no wonder why: playing tennis and other moderate to vigorous sports for three hours a week can help reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke and help you lose up to half a pound. In addition to these reasons, it’s also a great way to reduce stress and have a fun activity to look forward to each week.

How can you choose from the best racquet and tennis clubs to join? Here are three questions you can ask as you evaluate the clubs near you:

How many tennis and squash courts do they have?

Depending on the location of the club and how busy it gets, you’ll want to choose a location with plenty of tennis and squash courts that will be available for players. Tennis courts may be either indoor clay tennis courts or outdoor and rooftop courts; squash courts are generally indoors only. Not only should a club offer plenty of spaces for you and any guests or other members to play, but they should also give you the ability to reserve a space if you need to.

Does the club offer any lessons?

Many tennis clubs offer members the chance to learn how to play the sport, whether they need tennis for beginners or they’re looking for a more advanced squash community. Ask the club’s staff about whether private tennis lessons, group lessons, or one-on-one squash training clinics are available if you sign up. Some clubs even have current or former pros teaching students, so you know that you’re getting expert advice for your money.

What other membership perks does the club offer?

Many tennis and squash clubs do more than just offer areas for those two sports. They may also include other workout facilities, social clubs, luxury spas, and more. Ask if there are any other member services when you tour a club.

What do you look for in a racquet and tennis club? Tell us what’s most important to you in the comments.

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