Acne What NOT To Do!

Waxy bumps on skin

With nearly 85% of people experiencing acne at some point in their lives, it’s likely that you aren’t the only one on the hunt for the best acne treatment. There are so many different products and remedies, it’s hard to know what the best skin care option is for you. However, it is easy to know what not to do when treating and avoiding acne. Here’s a quick guide.

Do NOT pop your zits – The reason why acne forms in the first place is because of an excess of dirt and oil that gets trapped in your pores. If you pop your zits, not only are you increasing your chance of getting acne scars because of the impacted tissues, you also are exposing your newly popped zit to additional dirt and oils from your hands. It’s best to just let the zits run their course. And make sure you…

Don’t touch your face! – It may seem redundant, but it’s important to note that it isn’t just popping your zits that can cause problems. Any kind of poking/rubbing/picking will increase the oil and dirt buildup on your face, causing more zits and making the existing ones worse. If you really want to get diligent about your breakouts, you’ll also…

Cut out additional irritants – For those of you with back acne, this could mean trying out different kinds of conditioners and soaps that don’t clog your pores. But for the typical face breakouts, a big contributor to your breakouts could be greasy food. The grease from the food gets on your face and hands and can spread to all your vulnerable open pores and cause massive breakouts. Cutting down on these types of foods can lower your risk of contamination and help your skin to be clear and healthy.

To find out the best acne treatment for your skin, make sure you consult a dermatologist before trying any maximum strength options.

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