Can You Believe Urgent Care Centers Do This?

Urgent cares see many patients

Urgent care centers are a relatively new development, made as a solution to the issue of immediate medical care. Urgent care clinics employ real doctors to help deal with medical care issues that require immediate attention, but do not warrant an expensive emergency room trip. But many people are still unaware of the types of services an advanced urgent care clinic can provide. Here are 4 services that most urgent care clinics provide that you may not know about.

Annual Physical Exams

If it’s time for your yearly physical, but your regular primary care physician is unavailable, you can visit your local urgent care center to get checked out. Along with the annual physical exam, urgent care centers have the authorization to do exams for schools, insurance, and even travel purposes.

Employer Drug Testing

Urgent care facilities also offer secure, confidential drug testing for new employees. With state of the art testing, urgent care clinics are a fast, easy way for employees to get tested for the use of illegal drugs. Urgent care drug testing can get test results to the employer in as little as a few days, without having to wait for an appointment. If you are an employer, suggest the local urgent care clinic to your employees, in order to make the drug testing process as smooth and noninvasive as it can be.


Broken bones can be a serious issue, especially if left unchecked. If you believe you broke a bone, it can be difficult to decide whether you should try to get an appointment with your primary care physician, or risk a long, expensive trip to the emergency room. Luckily, most urgent care clinics offer same day x-ray services for a fraction of the cost and wait time of the emergency room.


When your child is sick, it can be difficult to get an appointment with their pediatrician on short notice. However, most urgent care facilities offer full pediatric services, including the care of minor injuries and illnesses. If your child is sick, but you are unable to get an appointment, an urgent care clinic may be a good way to make sure your child will recover faster.

Urgent care centers can be a great solution for the minor emergencies of life. If you need immediate care and can’t get in to see the doctor, an urgent care clinic may be the perfect solution.

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