Hearing Issues And Snoring Problems What You Can Do For Your Child

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If you don’t have a hearing problem, you might have a friend or family member who does. Hearing issues, as well as voice and sensory reduction, affects a large portion of the population with as many as 83% of children developing an ear infection by their third birthday. Many children and adolescents of varying backgrounds have issues with their ears, nose and throat and modern medicine has taken multiple measures to try and combat this with preventative measures as well as reactive. While some of this can be attributed to genetics, others can be caused by the environment and/or lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about modern health issues in children and common treatments such as therapy and vocal cord surgery.

Health Statistics

An estimated one in every thousand newborns has significant hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss (which can cause anywhere from mild to severe deafness) is shown in about 40,000 newborns yearly. Hearing problems are not the only issues commonly seen in developing children — did you know that snoring is often caused by problems with your sinuses or tonsils? An estimated 12% of children develop snoring problems and anywhere from 1-3% of children will exhibit Sleep Disordered Breathing (think snoring, but more severe) throughout their childhood. While snoring affects sleep patterns and can cause irritability, they can also develop into more serious issues that need to be treated by a doctor. Breathing difficulties are no laughing matter and can cut into a child’s day-to-day activities in sports or at school.

Common Treatment

Eardrum repair surgeries are incredibly successful, with 85% to 90% of all cases being successfully treated. Well-known surgeries include endoscopic sinus surgery and airway reconstruction depending on what the doctor feels is right for your child’s unique needs. Chronic ear problems and repeated sinus infections should never be ignored and, if necessary, a doctor will be assigned long-term to your child to make sure they recover to the best of their ability. Whether it’s vocal cord surgery or routine medication, pediatricians are well-trained to manage a variety of common health problems in children. Take the initiative and give your children a routine check-up today — a little research and initiative goes a long way in making a healthy and happy child!

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