Comparing and Contrasting Bipap and Cpap Machines

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As many as 18 million Americans are currently suffering from sleep apnea. However, another 2 to 4%– one in 50 people– are undiagnosed, and untreated cases can leave a person four times more likely to have a stroke. It’s certainly an issue that more people need to learn about. But for those who have been diagnosed, it may be hard to choose a treatment option. Some doctors believe in the cpap machine, while others believe the bipap machine is more effective. So when comparing bipap vs cpap, which one comes out on top! Read on to make your decision.

Bipap Machines

Bipap machines, or a bipap mask, are a newer version of the cpap machine. Some of the most common pros are that the mask effectively and efficiently gets the air to you, without wasting anything. Because the mask sits right over your face, the method is very hard to mess up as well. However, a downside to this method is that some people say that the pressure caused by the machine trying to pump air into your lungs makes it difficult to exhale, which can sometimes be just as scary of not being able to breathe.

Cpap Machines

While these are technically older versions of the bipap machine, a cpap machine allows the user to have peace of mind. The technology behind cpap is tried and trusted, so the patient can rest assured that the machine won’t flake out on them. Reduced anxiety can also help with sleep apnea treatment, so that confidence can certainly help! Claustrophobia and dry mouth have been reported with the use of cpap, but no other major issues seem to be common.

Do you have sleep apnea and use one of these treatments? What do you think about the bipap vs cpap debate? What has your experience been like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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