Veterinary Laser Therapy The Pain Management Technology Of The Future

10 watt laser

When pet owners take their beloved animals to the vet due to chronic pain, it can be a difficult thing to deal with. Animals don’t express pain in the same way that humans do, so it can be difficult to know whether or not a treatment is effective. The great thing about veterinary laser therapy for pain is that we know it works … it’s not a question. The only question is of spreading awareness of this option to both veterinarians and pet owners.

Laser Therapy For Pain Management: Not Just For Pets

Pet owners love knowing that the treatments being applied to their pets can also be applied to humans; it lets them know that their animals are not being given a “lower … level” treatment. Veterinary laser therapy is tailored to fit the specific animals being treated, but laser therapy in general is very effective for human beings. The great thing about laser therapy for animals is that the majority of pets display greater mobility and comfort only 12 to 24 hours after a laser treatment, though it does need to be a continuous process. You aren’t waiting for a medicine to “kick in” … the veterinarian and the caregiver can see the results in person.

Equine Laser Therapy: The Niche Treatment

Horses are known to experience a good deal of pain, whether due to manual labor, competition injuries, or simply a wrong step on the pasture. These animals are dependent on their feet, and can’t stand to lay down for long periods of time … so proper pain management is a must. Veterinary laser therapy can be a great treatment for equine pain, and in fact more effective than more old … fashioned methods. Furthermore, it can be far more convenient in terms of making sure that these large, difficult — to … transport animals get the care they need, as the treatments sessions, while regular, as short and efficient.

How Does It Work?

Due to the fact that we’re dealing with animals, shorter treatment sessions are always better. A typical veterinary laser therapy treatment lasts 10 to 20 minutes, with some variance. The key to the right outcome is dosage, and dosage relies on both power output and time. The greatest benefits are usually seen after 3 and 10 therapy treatments, after which the animal’s pain could be significantly lowered on a permanent level.

Ultimately, the great thing about laser therapy is that it’s a treatment that doesn’t require constant injections or medication, both of which are difficult for most animals to handle. It can be a relaxing experience for the animal, and bring them back to their best possible health. With this forward … thinking technology, the pet owner and veterinary can rest easy knowing that they’re doing all that they can to alleviate pain.

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