Why Part Time Employee Health Benefits Are Becoming More Common

Companies that offer benefits for part time

As jobs become more difficult and more demanding, the need for programs to facilitate other everyday matters has increased. When it comes to caring for a family or even oneself outside of work, the pressure from both environments can prove to be too much to handle. Fortunately, there are programs in place to offer employees the help they need.

Currently around 99% of full time workers have access to some form of medical benefits. However, there are countless people who are trying to survive without the luxury of a full time position. Part time employee health benefits were not at all a common practice in past years, leaving many of them to either ignore medical care, or potentially bankrupt themselves with unpaid medical bills

There are now various legislation, such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, that require any companies with a staffing contingent of 50 employees or more to offer appropriate health benefits, including group health insurance plans for families. Even part time employee health benefits are included in these regulations.

Because managing employee benefits such as these have become more common practice in organizations, employees have begun basing their job searches around the offering of benefits. At this time around 50% of employees cite benefits as a major reason behind them remaining with their current employer.

The offering of health care and other employee benefits to hard working employees has long been a topic of heated discussion. However, it’s becoming more and more evident that benefits such as these can be a detrimental part of remaining financially stable for any individual, regardless of their position or income.

In previous years, benefits may have been seen as a commodity awarded to those who climbed up the corporate ladder. But with medical treatment costs increasing, even part time employee health benefits should be viewed as more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

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