How Human Resource Software Solutions Can Help Optimize Your Business

Employee benefits enrollment software

With the advent of the internet, information is shared at unprecedented rates. When it comes to businesses, consumers can rate their experiences and share both good and bad experiences alike with the online community. Likewise, this means that businesses are being scrutinized more than ever to offer fair employee benefits and wages. Many consumers believe that the way employees are treated is a direct reflection of the company’s values, and may impact sales. Managing employee benefits is a crucial element of business; sometimes all a business needs is human resources software solutions.

The Rights of Your Employees

The backbone of any company are the people who stand behind it — those businesses that neglect this fact are no longer around to give warnings. Small business employee benefits packages typically include paid sick leave, maternity leave, health insurance, and paid vacation. Studies show that only 59% of small businesses offer paid sick leave to their full-time employees. Moreover, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires that organizations with more than fifty employees offer health benefits to all eligible full-time employees. Paid leave is the most commonly provided benefit to employees, including paid holidays which is made available to 77% of employees and a paid vacation time benefit which is also available to 77% of employees. Nearly half of employees say that their primary reason for remaining with their company is due to the benefits they receive. Businesses that fail to provide for their employees may face serious legal fees without the help of HR software solutions.

Human Resource Software

Growing businesses benefit from outsourcing their human resources software solutions, as this ensures that proper codes of conduct are followed and employee benefits are provided. Up to 57% of companies have intentions to upgrade their own HR software within the next year and a half. Today’s research has revealed that only 13% of companies have a single HR system; today companies typically have three or four different HR applications. Human resource management solutions are the first step towards growing your small business.