How Can I Protect Myself and My Family Against EMF Radiation?

Emf protection shield

The statistics are alarming. Researchers have seen a 30% increase in the number of patients with a brain tumor of an unknown nature since the year 2008. Mysteriously, this significant increase is not included in the numbers the National Cancer Registry reports.
Scientists from 40 countries request regulation
As a result of this study and other alarming statistics, more that 190 scientists from as many as 40 countries asked the United Nations (UN) the World Health Organization (WHO) to address a problem that few are admitting exists. In May of 2015 these nearly 200 scientists asked for these two governing bodies to demand greater protection for radiation caused by microwaves, radio frequencies produced by wireless technology, and other sources.
Not yet satisfied with the response from the UN and WHO, these same scientists, and possibly more, continue to be concerned about the public’s safety. They fear that even the radiation caused by small appliances, ground currents and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields are also producing far too much radiation exposure.
While cell phone radiation protection may be the main cause that the public has heard about, these scientists who requested help from the UN and WHO are concerned about more than the 217,000 cell towers that present the most obvious radiation exposure.
The fear of a growing number of scientists is that electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) created by cell phone towers and other producers of invisible energy may be the cause of these unknown tumors and the significant increase in the number of children and adults who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), lack of focus, and unexplained headaches.
Because EMFs are invisible areas of energy, it is often difficult to convince the general public that they are a problem. Communities like Pendleton, Oregon, and Broomfield, Colorado, have considered or implemented a ban on new cell phone towers until further research can be completed. According to the East Oregonian, the residents in Pendleton, Oregon have convinced their city council members to put a hold on what seems to be the unlimited construction of cell towers. In Broomfield, Colorado, a local CBS television news story reported that a mother in that community feared additional cell phone towers would interfere with her son’s life saving medical equipment.
Whether these communities are concerned with cell phone radiation protection specifically, or whether they are worried about other forms of EMF radiation, courts and councils across the country may soon be looking at other radiation regulations.
>Are you sensitive to EMF exposure?
The most sensitive individuals have long known the danger of EMF exposure. These highly susceptible individuals have been ordering EMF shielding fabric, EMF protection jewelry, and other products from their favorite EMF store for years.
If you are someone who has experienced unexplained fatigue, headaches, lack of attention, or other ares that cause you to lose focus, you may also be susceptible to EMF radiation exposure. Consider the following EMF radiation statistics:

  • A six year old study conducted in 2010 already showed a connection between short term EMF exposure and the headaches, irritation, and school difficulties experienced by study participants aged eight to 17.
  • A 2012 study indicated decreased sperm viability after only a four hour exposure to a laptop with Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Even when they are not being used, all cell phones emit low levels of radiation 24 hour a day.
  • Children whose mothers used cell phone during pregnancy exhibit 25% more emotional problems than children whose mothers did not use cell phones.
  • Children whose mothers used cell phone during pregnancy exhibit 35% more hyperactivity than children whose mothers did not use cell phones.
  • Children whose mothers used cell phone during pregnancy exhibit 34% more peer problems than children whose mothers did not use cell phones.

What kinds of cell phone radiation protection products are available?
Even if you have never heard of cell phone radiation protection devices before, don’t you think that it just makes sense to take precautions for the health and safety of your family when it comes to radiation producing technologies that are increasing at an alarming rate? Considering the following products is a step in the right direction:

  • EMF protection shield
  • EMF shielding fabric
  • EMF blocker
  • EMF protection necklace

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