Take care of your GUT and it will take care of YOU

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Your health and longevity may have a direct link to the health of your gut. A healthy digestive tract plays a vital role in keeping your health on track. It is the gatekeeper to your nutritional well-being because all nutrients are absorbed through the digestive system. Healthy digestion may be the answer to more energy and healing of the body.

Between 2009 and 2010, there were 51 million visits to doctors and hospitals because of illnesses of the digestive system. In 2009, digestive diseases caused the death of over 245,900 persons. Now, health conscious millennials and baby boomers are taking charge of their digestive health through better diet practices for a healthier life and to stay healthy.

People are visiting natural health centers that supply digestive health products that can provide alternative therapies for digestive disorders. These alternative therapies can offer colon cleansing that may provide the body with ways to prevent many digestive disorders. Furthermore, these alternative therapies may increase energy and healing.

A variety of alternative therapies for digestive disorders includes non-traditional stomach and intestinal screenings or treatments used to discover harmful pathogens like yeast, fungi, bacteria and destructive parasites. These non-traditional therapies help patients combat digestive-related illnesses, inflammation and GI irritation.

Digestive diseases affect 60 to 70 million people. They are prompting people to stay healthy. One way to stay healthy and improve digestive health is aerobic exercise. Aerobic activity is a wonderful exercise for improving digestive health and reducing constipation. Doctors say aerobic exercise delivers more blood to the gastrointestinal tract, which produces stronger intestinal contractions and more digestive enzymes that will help food waste move quicker through the colon and exit the body. Walking, running, swimming and biking are popular aerobic exercises to incorporate into your exercise plan. Aerobic exercises can boost energy and healing and create a healthier life too.

Supplementing your diet with fiber can work wonders for the digestive system and boost energy and healing. Fiber plays an important role in digestion. It keeps the digestive tract flowing smoothly. Fiber provides the body with a good bacteria, called probiotics. Probiotics improve digestive health and well-being. Fiber also keeps you feeling full, so you eat less and have more energy.

According to the Institute of Medicine, women need 25 grams of fiber each day and men need 38 grams per day. The average adult only eats 15 grams per day. Take charge of your digestive health by exploring alternative ways to increase your daily fiber and improve your digestive health for energy and healing as well as a healthier life.

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