Different Types of Car Wheelchair Lifts – Car Talk Podcast

are installed in the trunk of the car, which is equipped with a counterbalance device that makes it simpler for you to lift. They offer room for large wheelchairs, and can be a great choice if parking can’t accommodate a wheelchair on the side.
Bi-Folding Side Entry Ramp

Side entry ramps can be attached to the sides of the van. They fold in half for storage when the van is not being used. It’s all manual, meaning there’s no pulleys or latches. It’s lightweight, compact and very easy to use. Also, it’s one of the most economical alternatives.

Side Entry Power Ramp

The side entry ramp has all the advantages and features of a manual side entry ramp, but with the added advantage of folding and unfolding with the click of the button. It is more expensive, but a great luxury to have.

Side Entry Ramp in Floor

Side entry in-floor ramps slide beneath the van’s door instead of folding down into the door. For the ramp to be pulled out the lever must be pulled.

Follow the link above for additional information on ramps that can be used for wheelchairs.


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