Implicit Bias 101 – How To Stay Fit

provide it with the love and attention is required. The neural pathways that make up your brain shoot around constantly, allowing the person carry on your daily life normal. Just like every other part of your body, the brain is a system that needs to be looked after to be understood, understood and researched. The concept of implicit bias has long been debated and studied in the world of science, and is thought to have massive impact on the way we perceive others. This video presents an introduction to the concept of implicit bias in science.

Implicit biases result from stereotypes create in our brains regarding specific populations of people. They are typically based on the different genders and races however, it could also be applicable to different categories of individuals. Our brainsare able to subconsciously run tests to confirm inner perceptions about the other. It’s nearly impossible to stop it from happening within our own skins. As we learn more about this psychological mechanism the better we will be able to tackle racism and harmful stereotypes.


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